Where are your Lamb raised?
Our lamb is born and raised in the Elk Creek valley of Southwest Virginia. They live in the open air and sunshine and are rotated on new pasture daily. We do not confine our livestock to stalls or in feedlots. Quality of life for our animals is one of our main values.
What is the Animal Welfare Approved Program?
Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) by A Greener World is a food label for meat and dairy products that come from farm animals raised to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards. The program was founded as a market-based solution to the growing consumer demand for meat, eggs and dairy products from animals treated with high welfare and managed with the environment in mind. As a program accredited to ISO guideline 17065, you can trust in the AWA label while making food choices when you can’t visit the farm yourself. For more information, please visit www.animalwelfareapproved.us
What do you feed your Lamb?
Our lamb is fed a 100% vegetarian diet of grasses, legumes and grains. Our lamb are not given any added hormones, antibiotics, or animal by products.
What breed of lamb do you raise?
We chose the dorper breed which is well suited for our management intensive grazing, which means we rotate our lamb every day to provide them new fresh grass to eat. The dorper breed is recognized as one of the most hardy and best flavored meat sheep. Additionally, the dorper breed is a hair sheep and does not require shearing.
How is your meat prepared and shipped?
Our Lamb is USDA inspected, vacuum sealed for freshness, frozen, and shipped via Federal Express 2-day.
Do you provide wholesale prices to restaurants and grocers?
Yes. Please call (276) 655-3902 for more information on our wholesale programs.
Do you do local deliveries or have a farm store for pick up?
We provide free delivery in most areas within an hour of the farm or within an hour of our processor. We will be opening our farm store in early June and will have our meat available for sale. If you are interested in buying our lamb or other farm products, please call (276) 655-3902 for more information.
Do you offer custom cuts?
We slaughter every week and have the ability to offer custom cuts at an additional fee. For more information or questions about availability, please call us at (276) 655-3902.